Polished concrete floor Montreal

Polished concrete floor in Montreal

Get a fabulous floor with a glossy finish, in the color of your choice.

Are you looking for a polished concrete professional in Montreal? The team from POLISSAGE BÉTON ÉLITE offers you exceptional quality work, for a spectacular and long lasting result.

A luxurious, yet economical floor

Showrooms, shops, hotels and restaurants choose polished concrete floors to achieve a remarkable high-end style. Very trendy in large businesses, museums, agencies as well as in institutional buildings and professional offices, polished concrete floors completely transform a decor.

High-end condo buildings often have polished concrete floors in entrances and common areas. Some residential owners choose polished concrete in their garage. The durability and wear resistance of this process make it suitable for heavy use.

The advantages of polished concrete

Polished concrete floors are much more economical and environmentally friendly than other types of floors, while being remarkably beautiful. The smooth, high-gloss finish enhances ambient brightness, giving a stylish, modern look to commercial décor. The different colors and styles offered allow you to customize the appearance of the floor according to the desired effect.

This type of flooring is made with water base products and is not harmful to the environment. But above all, a polished concrete floor offers great strength and resists wear. Its service life is almost unlimited and no special maintenance is required.

Polished concrete floor Montreal
Process of the execution of a polished concrete floor

The execution of polished concrete can be carried out on a concrete slab that is several years old or on a new slab. The first step of polishing the concrete floor is sanding the concrete surface with different diamond segment until we get a surface that is extremely smooth and without any imperfections then diamond segment finishing tools are used. To well protect the concrete, lithium densifying treatments are applied during and after the polishing.

Two choices can be offered, it is possible to leave visible the crushed stone (aggregates that are part of the concrete mix) or to only keep visible the smooth surface called ‘salt and pepper’. The choice is a matter of taste. It is possible to insert recycled glass that will bond with the aggregates.

As for the color, you can choose between a multitude of shades. You can even insert several colors onto the same floor! To carry out the coloring of polished concrete floors, we use first quality natural pigments, designed specifically for concrete. This dye is included in the mixture before pouring it. This process makes it possible to obtain a uniform color, without any demarcation, which will be preserved over time.

Polished concrete floor Montreal

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The team from POLISSAGE DE BÉTON ÉLITE can achieve polished concrete floors in Montreal and throughout the greater metropolitan area.
Polished concrete floor Montreal

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